Kids’ Comments

jewlicious learners
“Thank you for coming to our school. Your books are really great and they make us smile and laugh. You are an amazing author. We were really lucky to have you come to our school. It was an amazing presentation.” 
Your pals in Class 3A
(Grade 3)
Thank you so much for coming to our school.We like your books. They are amazing.  We are so inspired by them.. We really enjoyed learning about writing your stories. We can’t wait for all of your books to come out.
Class 3B
(Grade 3)
“We really loved the author visit from Dori! She was so interesting. We learned about perseverance and loved to hear her reading from her own book. We also learned about Jewish weddings and she played a game of Mad Libs with us!”
Molly H. and Lucy H.
“Sliding Into the New Year is the best book ever! I was so excited while reading it, and always eager to find out what would happen next. There were so many great and funny parts in this book that it was very hard to choose my absolute favorite.”
Talia, Grade 4
“I thought this was one of the best books we read this year.”
Max, Grade 3
“I love how you can relate it to your own life!”
Samantha, Grade 3
“I love how  she found what was missing and then made a book to fill the space.”
Dillon, Grade 4

“I like the book because it is fun but involves Judaism.”
Miriam, Grade 3

“I loved your book soooo much! I like that you made it that YaYa and YoYo fight sometimes but they still love each other.  Go, go YaYa and YoYo!
Olivia, Grade 3

“I really liked how in one book there is one character’s perspective and in the other book there is another character’s perspective. Keep those books coming!”
Marrissa, Grade 8
“I’m a huge reader and I’m excited to see some modern Jewish novels.”
Ezra, Grade 5
“I think your books are the best series with Jewish kids that I have ever read.”
Lucy, Grade 5
“Thank you for making a Jewish series for kids in Grades 3 and up. This is very important because  lot of kids like to read but have no option to read a Jewish book at their level.”
Becky, Grade 6 
“I never really liked writing but you made it sound fun and easy. Sliding into the New Year was hilarious. I like how the brother and sister kept pranking each other.”
Max, Grade 5
“I like that you lived your dream of being an author, and you didn’t give up on your dream. You worked very hard on your dream and you got it! You really inspired me!”
Molly, Grade 4
“I never heard how to make books before. Dori was really good at explaining everything.”
Mirav, Grade 5
“It was cool that she got feedback from kids.”
Gabe, Grade 5
“I liked that she had the idea to make Jewish books and hearing how she got the idea.”
Serena, Grade 4


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